The Deserters

Festive Goodies

Deserted Issue 4

Back in the mists of time (1985) the Deserters produced a short run of magazines for those following our music at the time. They featured interviews with members of the band, articles about the music and anything else that happened to be of interest at the time. I’ve recently come across scans of them and for your pleasure they are now available for download from the Deserters site at Some of the references may be a bit obscure, but reading through the biography page first should be all that’s necessary to acquaint you with the players. Some of the humour is also firmly on the juvenile side, mostly influenced by “Monty Python” and “The Young Ones”, but there are some gems in there, too. So cast your mind back to the mid 80’s and enjoy a trip through Deserters’ history…

I haven’t forgotten about the new track – watch this space over the next few days. I’m working on the 3rd (and hopefully final) mix at the moment.