• The Deserters

    Fire Engine Nudity

    I came across this headline today, which reads like a collection of The Deserters‘ and The Lunacy Board‘s favourite songwriting topics:- – Woman Tries To Steal Fire Engine Half-Naked – The young lady, recently released from a mental hospital jumped…

  • The Deserters

    Festive Goodies

    Back in the mists of time (1985) the Deserters produced a short run of magazines for those following our music at the time. They featured interviews with members of the band, articles about the music and anything else that happened…

  • Ebay Flag
    Other Stuff

    Improve your vocabulary with Chinese eBayers

    I’m beginning to think the green clarinet was merely the tip of the iceberg of silliness. I nearly fell off my chair laughing at the “new eximious rare larruping blue electric guitar” I came across today. Surely somebody’s taking the…

  • Green Clarinet
    Other Stuff

    Who buys this stuff?

    I don’t want to get into the habit of posting items of weird-but-true instruments and other musical items – I’ll leave that to the experts at (the very entertaining) MusicThing and others. I have to make an exception for this,…

  • The Deserters

    Nee Naw

    Track of the Week Fire Engine Disco Remix (part 2) Week 6 of the grand mp3 download extravaganza. Time for a little light relief. This one goes way back to 1985 and our first album. It features the whole band…

  • Influences

    Ivor Cutler – RIP

    I’ve just learned that Ivor Cutler passed away last Friday. Quite disgusted that there was no mention of it on the news (even the local Scottish news) – unless I blinked and missed it. He was a true original, and…