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    A Tasty New Year

    Anyone who visits here with any sort of regularity will have noticed that I am partial to the odd challenge now and again. From the latest String Quartet to Every Photo Tells… or SpinTunes, challenges are a great way to…

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    Christmas Markets in Vienna

    A new book! Last year, Katharina and I visited all the Christmas markets in Vienna (and there are many), wandering the stalls, tasting the delicious food and discovering some quirky and unusual crafts. Armed with her then new camera, Katharina…

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    Photo-a-day 2013

    Whilst I continue to plug away at completing and editing the rest of ‘Some Other Scotland‘, I’ve taken on a lighter challenge this month, one which is outside my usual area of interest. Katharina’s wonderful selection of photographs for Obscurities…

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    Pi Time

    After a suitably long wait, I received my much-anticipated Raspberry Pi about a week ago. It’s a tiny single-board computer that runs from SD card and costs the princely sum of $35, yet is capable of running HD video and…

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    Improve your vocabulary with Chinese eBayers

    I’m beginning to think the green clarinet was merely the tip of the iceberg of silliness. I nearly fell off my chair laughing at the “new eximious rare larruping blue electric guitar” I came across today. Surely somebody’s taking the…

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    I Suck at Singstar

    I’m not a great singer. I’m not even a good singer. My voice isn’t BAD, but I really need to concentrate to stay in tune, and I don’t feel natural doing it. When I do concentrate and practice plenty, I…

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    Who buys this stuff?

    I don’t want to get into the habit of posting items of weird-but-true instruments and other musical items – I’ll leave that to the experts at (the very entertaining) MusicThing and others. I have to make an exception for this,…