Short Stories


For the benefit of new readers, or anybody wishing to return to re-read an old story, here is a list of stories that have been posted on the internet to date.

GH Week 51 “Anthropomorphism”
Gregory and Friends
What can you do to squeeze the last drop of earning potential from something? Anthropomorphise it!
GH Week 52 “It has been a year, what have I done with myself?”
To The Clouds
One man’s view of the historic R34 airship crossing of the Atlantic.
GH Week 53 “My mind has been going places without me lately.”
Don’t Mind Me
The theremin is a mysterious-sounding instrument, but does it affect more than just sound waves?
GH Week 54 “A pound of flesh”
A touching tale of man’s best friend.
GH Week 55 “Robots, they are all robots!”
The Robot Band
If money was no object, what would the band be like?
GH Week 56 “Missing link primate likely to stir debate.”
A tragic loss sends Maart miles from home, but his return years later holds some surprises in store.
GH Week 57 “Running Shoes”
Running Shoes
A seemingly minor change to the law has major implications. A barefoot world.
GH Week 58 “Self Pity”
Alternative Therapy [sos]
An alternative therapist struggles to overcome bereavement.
GH Week 59 “It is verboten”
Kelvin’s Last Message [sos]
A UFO spotter loses track of his friend due to a garbled text message.
GH Week 60 “Arriving at the airport”
Dandelions of Memory [sos]
Airports are an assault on the senses.
GH Week 61 “Neither hide nor hair”
The Cave [part1] [sos]
Two colleagues discuss their missing friend and the implications of working with polar bears.
GH Week 62 “Keys”
Take It Away
The world’s greatest pianist sits down at the world’s worst piano.
GH Week 63 “Silver Bullets: the real reason that some cowboys carried them.”
Silver Solves The Dilemma
A new gang rolling into a Western town coincides with a series of disappearances.
GH Week 66 “Wearing sunglasses in the early morning.”
Breakfast Hat [sos]
Sometimes people just don’t want to be found.
GH Week 67 “A man with a duck-headed cane is at the door.”
Hide and Seek [sos]
A detective is sent on a chase that can’t end well.
GH Oct ’09 “Spicy Mustard.”
Spicy Mustard[sos]
Love at first… burger?.
GH Nov ’09 “Creation.”
The Hidden Planet
A mischievous entity disobeys the rules.
100 Word Stories #161 “Elvis Drives A Bus”
In another reality Elvis lives, but not as we know him.
100 Word Stories #166 “A bucket of Gruel”
Some say that ‘meat is murder’. What if meat is suicide?
100 Word Stories #168 “Shrouded in mist”
A coastal mist covers up a crime scene.
100 Word Stories #170 “The games we play”
Waltzing with Werewolves
How do you dance when your love might rip out your throat?
100 Word Stories #194 “Choose”
The Choice[sos]
Haggis or Pizza?
100 Word Stories #196 “Kilt”
MacKinnon’s Trap[sos]
Clothing as weaponry.
100 Word Stories #198 “Haggis”
The Recipe
The haggis delivery arrives.