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    Obscurities Revisited

    When I originally wrote ‘Obscurities’ it seemed logical to give it a cover that matched the album the story sprang from, but with a little hindsight, what worked for the album never really felt right as a book cover. The…

  • Oddities
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    I had no plan to produce two instrumental albums within the space of this year, yet only five months after the release of ‘Obscurities‘, I’m delighted to announce the release of ‘Oddities’. This can be viewed as a direct sequel…

  • Obscurities Cover
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    After some fine-tuning of the music from the ‘10 Weeks : 10 Sounds‘ project, I have compiled it into an album that is now ready to download from Bandcamp. The music is embedded on the right-hand side of this site,…

  • The Highland Coo Song [Artwork]
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    The Highland Coo Song

    Here is a new song, written for the SpinTunes challenge. It’s a happy little ditty about life in the food chain. A previous challenge from SpinTunes was ‘write a sad song about birth’, and this was the polar opposite: ‘write…