The Highland Coo Song [Artwork]
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The Highland Coo Song

Here is a new song, written for the SpinTunes challenge. It’s a happy little ditty about life in the food chain. A previous challenge from SpinTunes was ‘write a sad song about birth’, and this was the polar opposite: ‘write a happy tune about death’. Not an easy topic, by any means, but then that’s the point of a challenge. There have been some really good songs written for this round, though the tone is certainly a little darker than usual. Visit the SpinTunes Album page on bandcamp to listen to the tracks or to download the whole album for free.

I have started using Bandcamp for my own recordings, as I believe it offers the best experience for listeners. You can listen to the track right here and if you like it, download it straight away in whatever format you like – from high quality FLAC files to standard mp3s. Lyrics and artwork is all included, so when you view the song in a suitable player (e.g. an iPod touch or iPhone) you can view all those as the songs play. You can also choose to pay whatever you like, so you can download it for free, or pay something to encourage me to write more! All the music is also released under a Creative Commons licence, so you can download it and share it with your friends. If you liked it, then chances are good that they will too!