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Obscurities Revisited


When I originally wrote ‘Obscurities’ it seemed logical to give it a cover that matched the album the story sprang from, but with a little hindsight, what worked for the album never really felt right as a book cover. The multiple images on the album are unrecognisable on most online ebook websites and something simpler and more meaningful would have a bigger impact. So today I have released the novella with a new cover, provided by Katharina, that takes a couple of items that form a central part of the story and presents them in a much more elegant and eye-catching manner.

The eBook is available at Smashwords in formats for all the usual eReaders.

You can also find it on your local Amazon store: USAUKAUSDE

It’s also on iBooks, if that is your thing: here

To celebrate the launch of this new cover, here’s a code for the album that accompanies the story (which also includes a copy of the ebook, but with the old cover) worth 50% off: walnut. Have a listen to the album below and click the ‘Buy’ link to download it (the discount code is applied at checkout):