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My Wee Green Buddy

A Sprout

Week 13 of the grand mp3 download extravaganza.

If you liked the ‘Yet Another Granfalloon’ pieces, then this short instrumental ditty should be of interest. It’s an earlier attempt at a similar style, in this case purely electronic, owing much to Zappa’s ‘Jazz From Hell’ album.

It takes its name from a series of books by Robert Rankin which feature (amongst many other things) a time-travelling sprout called Barry who takes up residence in Elvis Presley’s brain and uses him to re-write history. Yep, it sounds pretty daft, and it, in fact, is. But it’s a bit of fun, and if you like Douglas Adams and / or Frank Zappa then why not give it a try. Rankin’s a bit of a Zappa / Beefheart fan, and loads of references appear all through most of his books, not least of which is the brilliantly titled “Sprout Mask Replica”.

The whole album, A Cavalier Attitude is now available for download. Pay whatever you think it is worth to you!