Great Hites

Dandelions Of Memory

Airship? Not exactly.

No, it’s not a UFO or an airship – it’s the blimp flying over T in the Park, just down the road.

This week’s Great Hites story is ready and waiting to be read and/or downloaded. It is called “Dandelions Of Memory” and is another ‘Some Other Scotland‘ tie-in, probably the most direct so far, featuring Erica at the airport before heading off towards Skara Brae. Go and have a listen and don’t forget to vote for your favourite!

My 100 Word Story last week had the most votes (thank you to all who enjoyed it enough to vote for it), so I got to choose the topic for this week, which is “Shrouded in mist”. I had no great plan for the topic, it is simply what I saw when I looked out the window at the time. However, it did result in me writing the shortest SOS spin-off so far. I’ve had something of a Harald special for this week of writing and both that story and my next Great Hites story give a little more background to him, tying into him being the focus of the latest SOS episode.

There is a new episode of ‘Some Other Scotland’ ready for download, the topic this week being ‘Ghost’. Please have a listen and don’t forget to vote for the future plot twist! On the SOS site you’ll find a couple of audio promos for the podcast, set to some Song Fu tracks from the past. If you have a podcast or can use them in any way – please do! Let me know what you do with them, too.

Finally, I have just had confirmation that SOS will soon (17th July) be available at – probably the best online source of free podcast stories, with all sorts of things available there, including several that have gone on to become published novels. They are very focused on the story, so the version of SOS that will appear at podiobooks will lack the news items and any other chat from me, having only the story itself. Note that subscribing to the podcast there will not include ‘Interlude’ or ‘Spin-off’ episodes which can only be downloaded from the main SOS site, but if you want to hear them you can still just download those individual episodes.