Great Hites

Ida the Fossil

Ida Fossil - Click for CC attribution

There’s another of my short stories available to read or download and listen to over at Great Hites this week.

This one sets up a tale of lost love, interplanetary travel and homecoming around the recently discovered primate fossil, claimed by many to be the ‘missing link’. Does it seem like I have a thing for ancient, advanced civilisations? You might think so.

There is some very subtle sci-fi background music in this latest tale. It comes courtesy of The Lunacy Board, and is called “Japan In A Trashcan”. You’ll find it on our third album, the entirely instrumental Stockholm, which is available to buy on CD or as a digital download. Follow the link for most information about the album, a couple of samples of other tracks and an order form.

There’s also a new episode of ‘Some Other Scotland‘ ready for download. There seems to be a link between Charles’ letter and another letter written to William Wallace – interesting, since around 400 years separates them. We also learn a bit more about the object Razer found in the underground tunnel.


The Euro elections may have passed, but there’s still plenty to vote for. Both ‘Great Hites’ and ‘Some Other Scotland’ feature polls that affect future episodes – if you are enjoying either of these podcasts, please take the time to vote and make your choice count!