The Lunacy Board

Where did June go?

It seems like a couple of days ago that I last posted here, but looking at the date it turns out to be almost a month. So what on earth have I been doing?

To start with, the local band I’m doing sound engineer duties for had their first gig in the local pub – great turnout, with all tickets sold, and about 100 people in the audience. They went down really well – the vocalist really captured the crowd – he’s a true entertainer in ways that are lost to a lot of live acts these days. They ended out cutting some of the slower songs out, as so many people were up and dancing, which is a good sign. Several parties expressed an interest in future bookings, so all in all a great result.

The sound was generally pretty good, though I was a bit too close to the band to get a good handle on the balance without squeezing through the audience, plus a buzz developed in the second set, which now appears to have been due to a speaker dying. Proceeds from the first gig will therefore be going towards a new PA system…

Not much on the Lunacy Board front either, due to circumstances out of our control, though I have gone through the recordings we made at the last session and started to work on some of the best bits.

Finally, I’m doing a bit of work on a collaborative track which is still under wraps, but hopefully should turn out to be interesting. More news on this soon – within the next week or two.