The Lunacy Board

Bordet the Builder (Can he mix it?)


I’ve been doing a remix of a short piece of instrumental music for an on-line acquaintence and kindred spirit (theremin player and electronic gadget abuser) over the last week or two. It’s pretty much finished now, but I came up with a set of lyrics to the piece which I’ve been trying in vain to fit into the music. I’ve got the rhythm sorted, but can’t seem to sing notes which fit in. This may be because the music isn’t in a great key for my voice, or it may just be that my voice isn’t fitting the music. I suspect the latter. It will be finished this week – one way or another. Not my greatest work, but it does have lots of ebow, some mandolin, and my first recorded theremin, albeit as a part of a wash of sound.

New Toys

I’ve managed to pick up a decent multi-input audio card for my PC at a good price from eBay. It will let me record up to 8 tracks simultaneously in high quality sound, which will be great for Lunacy board stuff, letting us swap instruments around (as we do) without worrying about changing connections, as well as allowing recording of a whole band at once.


Since starting this blog, any musical activities, apart from theremin and acoustic guitar, have required some digging around in boxes. I haven’t had a dedicated music space to focus my writing, playing or recording, and that hasn’t helped get things done as it’s a hassle to set things up for the sake of a single song. I’m pleased that due to some changes going on around Chez Bordet, I will be getting a small studio. Whilst this won’t be anything to give Abbey Road or Realworld any sleepless nights, and there really won’t be room for cat-swinging, it will give me enough space to set up my recording gear and instruments in a more creative environment, ready for me to use whenever the muse starts tweaking those creative juices. It will still be a couple of months away before it is complete, but work has started and I hope it will be ready to go by the end of the summer.