The Deserters

Complexion Like Mouldy Corned Beef

Track of the Week

Heavy Metal Ballad

Corned Beef

Week 15 of the grand mp3 download extravaganza.

We’re coming towards the end of this run of free downloadable goodies. Whilst there is more Deserters music in the archives, it’s not yet in a form suitable for the web. I’ve probably got enough for another two weeks, so enjoy it while it lasts.

This week we have a song which has a title which is a bit of a misnomer – ‘Heavy Metal Ballad’ – as it is neither heavy metal, nor a ballad. It has a similar feel to ‘One Night in the Back of a Fire Engine’, but deals with the teen angst of spots, dental hygiene and body odour. Simple and upbeat, with a bit of a nasty streak. Lyrics by Lee Newe, once again, with music by yours truly.

The whole album, The Album That Never Was is now available for download. Pay whatever you think it is worth to you!