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    After some fine-tuning of the music from the ‘10 Weeks : 10 Sounds‘ project, I have compiled it into an album that is now ready to download from Bandcamp. The music is embedded on the right-hand side of this site,…

  • SpinTunes Logo
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    SpinTunes Round #1

    It has been a while since I last undertook a musical challenge. Song Fu has passed on, but in its place has risen SpinTunes. This is a similar set of challenges to Song Fu, but with a judging panel rather…

  • The Lunacy Board

    Lunacy Board Downloads

    I’ve had a few queries about making the Lunacy Board albums available on iTunes or similar, which I can finally answer, having looked into a number of possibilities. iTunes is not really an option for us at the moment, though…

  • The Mandelbrot Set

    Re: Your Brains

    I’ve just completed a couple of tracks (bass and guitar) for internet-based Jonathan Coulton covers band ‘The Mandelbrot Set’. Cover versions are something I generally steer clear of, mainly because I have little enough time to record my own music…

  • The Lunacy Board

    The Lunacy Board – 3 Albums in 3 Days

    This is the news I’ve been waiting to announce – it’s a big undertaking, so we wanted to make sure it would all come together and so far everything is going to plan. As you know, there has been a…