• Spintunes8
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    The Unexpected Guest

    It’s SpinTunes time again and though I have not joined in as a competitor, I did offer up my services to the Boffo Yux Dudes, who have an ongoing tradition of carpet-bombing the last round of SpinTunes with ‘shadow’ songs…

  • Oddities
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    Sounds like a Picture

    I thoroughly enjoyed June’s Photo-a-day challenge, coming up with something musically-related for each of the diverse prompts. This month I’m making it a little more complicated and challenging by attempting to accompany each photo with a short piece of music:…

  • Everything together
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    Some Loose Ends

    The challenges may be over, but the music keeps coming! The weekly deadline to the challenges meant that some pieces that I started were left incomplete, so that I ended up at the end with 8 or 9 tracks in…

  • Music,  Song Fu / SpinTunes

    Tryptophan Synthetase and other Songs

    There is an album’s worth of songs that I have written for various Song Fu and SpinTunes challenges over the last few years, just kicking around the internet. As time passed, the quality of the songs improved, but they are…

  • SpinTunes Logo
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    SpinTunes Round #1

    It has been a while since I last undertook a musical challenge. Song Fu has passed on, but in its place has risen SpinTunes. This is a similar set of challenges to Song Fu, but with a judging panel rather…

  • Music,  Song Fu / SpinTunes

    Welcome Quickstoppers!

    If you’ve arrived here via the link on the latest ‘Masters of Song Fu’ page, then Welcome! On the off-chance you enjoyed my entry into the first round (which is due to be made available later this week), you can…

  • The Lunacy Board

    Lunacy Board Downloads

    I’ve had a few queries about making the Lunacy Board albums available on iTunes or similar, which I can finally answer, having looked into a number of possibilities. iTunes is not really an option for us at the moment, though…