• Alto Recorder and Whirlie
    Music,  Instruments,  Solo

    Alto Recorder and Whirlie

    Of all the ten challenges, this is the one I have been expecting to cause the most difficulty, as it is all about wind sounds, with little opportunity for contrast. This could easily have resulted in just being a wailing…

  • Kalimbas and Celtic
    Music,  Instruments,  Solo

    Kalimba and Celtic Flute

    The kalimba is one of the newest instruments in my collection; it’s a traditional African instrument with metal tines attached to a resonator (in this case a coconut with a wooden top) and came from the Christmas market at Wilhelminenberg.…

  • NodeBeat & Clarinet
    Music,  Instruments,  Solo

    NodeBeat and Clarinet

    The second challenge for ‘10 Weeks : 10 Sounds‘ is a little more complex than the first and resulted in three long pieces in a fairly laid-back smoky jazz-club sort of style. NodeBeat is a graphical sequencer for the iPad…

  • DM1 & Walnut Flute
    Music,  Instruments,  Solo

    DM1 and Walnut Flute

    Here we go with the first of ten little musical challenges over the next ten weeks, which will help me familiarise myself with some of the more obscure and under-used instruments and musical software in my collection. I picked up…

  • RührTrommel
    Music,  Instruments,  Solo

    10 Weeks – 10 Sounds: A Challenge

    I have been gathering quirky little instruments and musical odds and ends for quite some time and, whilst many of these have made their way into my songs, there are still some that remain stubbornly under-used. We were discussing this…