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10 Weeks – 10 Sounds: A Challenge

This is part 1 of 12 in the series 10 Weeks - 10 Sounds

I have been gathering quirky little instruments and musical odds and ends for quite some time and, whilst many of these have made their way into my songs, there are still some that remain stubbornly under-used. We were discussing this a couple of days ago and as a result, Katharina set me a challenge, or rather a series of challenges:

The Rührtrommel

For 10 weeks you will produce sounds or tunes with the instruments listed below. There is always more than one, which means both need to be used for the melody – not after each other or two different sound snippets. You can record the sounds separately and mix them together later. Once you have recorded the sounds or melodies, you need to blog about it. There’s a prize at the end. Now go out and make a noise!

UPDATE: This whole project is now available as an album for download – ‘Obscurities‘.

Week 1 (24.12.2012 – 30.12.2012):
DM1 (iPad App) and Walnut Flute

Week 2 (31.12.2012 – 06.01.2013):
Node Beat (iPad App) and Clarinet

Week 3 (07.01.2013 – 13.01.2013):
Kalimba and Celtic Flute

Week 4 (14.01.2013 – 20.01.2013):
Alto Recorder and Whirlie

Week 5 (21.01.2013 – 27.01.2013):
Beat Pad (iPad App) and Mouth Organ

Week 6 (28.01.2013 – 03.02.2013):
Garageband and Egg Shaker

Week 7 (04.02.2013 – 10.02.2013):
MeeBlip and Busilaccio Organ

Week 8 (11.02.2013 – 17.02.2013):
Launchkey (iPad App) and Gong

Week 9 (18.02.2013 – 24.02.2013):
Piano, Ocarina and Rainstick

Week 10 (25.02.2013 – 03.03.2013):
Sound Brush (iPad App) and Rührtrommel (stirring drum)

There are some interesting combinations of instruments and software to work with – some of which could be a real challenge to make musical. I’ll post the results here as they are completed!

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