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Masters of Song Fu Special – "Big Red Nose"

Red Nose Net

I finished the song at the weekend, but today is Red Nose Day, and so at some point today it should appear for your delight over at the webcast on Red Nose Net. It starts at 12pm EST (which I think is 5pm in the UK), and runs for 24 hours – I have no idea what time they will play the songs, but watch the video below for a brief preview. Once the song itself is available to download, I’ll provide a link to it as well.

This was a much more collaborative Song Fu effort than the others I have done, specifically because the challenge was to write a song that encourages the listener to join in. A select band of volunteers sent me their contributions to the song and they have been glued together into some sort of a consistent whole I have named “The Furfurescent Choir”. A big thanks to all of them for taking the time to do their bit and entering the spirit of the event with a wonderful selection of singing and other vocal strangeness. Their names are listed below.

The song is just a bit of fun, starting as an upbeat pop number and degenerating into a vocal meltdown. It may not be to your taste, but it’s all in a good cause – see Red Nose Net for more details.

Big Red Nose

Intro - F C Bb F C Bb

[verse 1]
When you're standing in the storm
Rain soaked through your clothes
And people laugh at you
'cos of the colour of your nose

[verse 2]
And you there, in the pub
Heavy drinking pros
Labelling yourself
with the colour of your nose

F C Bb
Everybody loves a big red nose
Everybody loves a big red nose
F G7 C F
It brings a grin and it makes us laugh
F Bb C
Everybody loves a big red nose

[verse 3]
You've got the man flu
It's running like a hose
Tissues make it worse
Bringing colour to your nose

F C Bb
Everybody loves a big red nose x14

Music & Lyric: Mick Bordet

Mick Bordet: Keyboards, guitar, bass & lead vocal
A-DooM: Drums
The Furfurescent Choir: Vocals (from left to right)
Andy Roberts -
Paul Davison -
Cruella Bordet
Matt Walton -
Angela Brett -
Jutze Schult -

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  • Psychonaut

    Ay up son! Glad and thankful you put up the blog link. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to put up chorus vocals for the Red Nose track: domestic chaos as per…Look forward to catching up whenever you’re ready