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More Challenging

fawm logoHaving managed to get halfway through the “10 Weeks – 10 Sounds” challenge with an interesting collection of new tunes, the time has come to step it up a little. February is home to two musical equivalents of NaNoWriMo that are worthy of investigation.

The first of these is February Album Writing Month (FAWM), where the aim is to write 14 new songs (or instrumental pieces) within the month – that’s a song every two days! Since I have already been producing at least three new tunes a week, I don’t think that is too much of a stretch.

RPM_AvatarThe second is the Record Producing Month (RPM), which is focused on recording an album in the same month. This can be a collection of existing songs, but there should be at least ten different tracks or 35 minutes of music in total. Again, I don’t think this will stretch me much beyond the existing challenge, but it would be nice to hit the 35 minute mark, since the tracks I have already recorded last for just over 20 minutes in total.

Neither of these challenges will add that much extra to what is already planned, but both push the boundaries a little. It will be nice to be amongst a pair of communities where everyone is under the same pressure for the second half of the challenge, though.

Don’t forget that there is ANOTHER musical challenge going on at the moment. SpinTunes is back for its sixth season and the first album full of songs (about memes) is already out and free for download. Here it is: