The Deserters

The Green Shed Googlewhack

Every so often I’ll check to see how people are arriving at the blog or the main Deserters site. There’s usually a fair mix between people looking for the band specifically and ‘accidental’ visits by people looking for information on military desertion or fire engines. Every so often there’s a little gem that makes me smile – somebody does a search for ‘what does eximious mean?’, for example. The latest was for ‘greenshed, progressive rock’ from Yahoo japan.

When I did a search on this myself, this blog was the only entry (a Googlewhack, I believe?), so I dug around for anything else about ‘green shed’ that could be remotely related to progressive rock. Not a thing could I find. So the question is; is there somebody over in Japan creating prog rock under the name ‘Greenshed’, or was this a return visitor to the site who’s enduring image of the band is of us recording in a green shed? Who knows (or cares)?


  • Mick Bordet

    The latter 2 are fantastic! The last thing I’d be doing with 5 rums in me would be checking facts on Google!

    I’ll need to widen my range of topics to even come close to those!

  • MadameBoffin

    haha brilliant – eximious? Your visitors are much more cerebral than mine AND you’re the owner of a Googlewhack! Awesome!

    Fact: people have landed on my blog with the following search terms…

    * men wearing frilly pink skirts
    * unlimited head jobs
    * long wigs with latex attached to make a man look like a woman
    * if i have 5 bundy rums can i still breastfeed my baby

    What’s scarier? The fact that people search for this stuff or that they landed on my page?!