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Embryonic Prog?

This weekend I had a good little jamming/writing session with a friend of similar musical sensibilities and abilities. He played bass and sang, whilst I was on the keyboard. We tried a few things, and got the start of a backing track together for one of his songs. My keyboard skills were never too hot, but by the end I was feeling quite comfortable in the chord structure we arrived at, and was starting to add some ornamentation to the part.

He has a contact who plays drums, and we talked about looking to put together a recording over a long term with a couple of other like-minded folk. I’m really keen, though it’s almost 2 hours to get to him in the centre of Glasgow which is a bit of a pain, though hopefully worth it in the end. I’d like to focus on keyboards and maybe backing or acoustic guitar parts, and even bring in the theremin once I’ve got a better handle on it.

In the meantime, I’ve still to get the Deserters’ tracks onto CD, which has turned into one of those jobs that gets covered in fits and starts and will hopefully come to an end soon….