Happy New Year

Survived another round of Christmas & Hogmannay festivities?

Yes – and welcome to 2006. Eventually. I’m having computer problems by the handful – one thing gets fixed and another gremlin pops its ugly little head into the middle of the hand-crafted box of wires which connects me to the online World. The end is in sight, but I’m not taking anything for granted… Making the switch away from the Gates empire into Linuxland – it’s either going to be a breath of fresh air or a stream of expletives following a trashed PC. Digits are well and truly crossed.

Some good news, though. I wrote a new song, “12 Years of Christmas“, and did a fairly basic recording of it. It’s a bit slow and needs a little jazzing up, but most of my gear is still in storage for the time being, so it’s just bass, guitar and vocal for the moment. I’m going to set myself a target (or new year’s resolution, if you like that sort of thing) of a new song a month. Whether that is likely to happen is another matter, but it would be good if I could get some more new material under my belt.