The Etherwave Has Landed

My theremin has arrived.

It’s quite wonderful.

It’s incredibly difficult to play, but that was expected. It looks fantastic – well-finished wood with 2 big wooden knobs and lots of shiny chrome dials. It sounds out of this world – with plenty of scope for altering tone colour and a wide picth range. It’s just so good to to finally have the Moog sound at my fingertips after years of using digital keyboards

I’m starting off with simple tunes to get the swing of it, then aim to move on to use it a bass and backing for other music before graduating to using it as a front-line instrument.


  • Mick Bordet

    Yes, I did – one of those rare opportunities that I would have kicked myself for years had I missed out on. Like the time I passed over a Korg MS10 for £50 before analogue synths came back into fashion.

    Having great fun with it so far – so much to learn!