A Busy Theremin Week

Three bits of theremin-related news popped up this week:Don't Mind MeMy short fictional tale of the effects of excessive theremin-playing is now available at Great Hites for you to read or to listen to as part of the podcast. The advantage of the podcast is that, not only do you get to hear my … Continue reading


Happy New Year. It's been quite a while since I last waved my hands in the air to produce music, but tonight I recorded four theremin parts with varying degrees of success for "The Mandelbrot Set." We currently have three songs started as works-in-progress, with "Skullcrusher Mountain" being … Continue reading

Show and Tell

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, those of you too tight to buy tickets, those too distant to travel, those too drunk to care and everybody else can now see The Lunacy Board's performance last week from the comfort of … Continue reading

Lunacy Live

It was a night of mixed emotions, stress, compromises and arguments, but above all a night of music in various guises...It's been a while since I last drove around Glasgow and numerous new one way streets (as well as unexpected roadworks en route) meant that I didn't arrive as early at the Classic … Continue reading