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Pink Vikings

We already have another three Drei Viertel Drei songs in the can.

The second SpinTunes challenge was to write a love song in the form of a valentine’s day card some OTHER than your significant other. Katharina wrote the lyrics and melody to this one, so it seemed only right that she should sing it too. Since all our songs are shadows of the main challenge from this point on, we had no official placing in the rankings, however some of the judges still reviewed our songs. This time around Denise Hudson said of the lyrics:

there was some real poetry in them and they were sweepy and rainy feeling and cold and sad

Round three asked for a song with lyrics having to start with a choice of seven letters. After a little thought we settled on the letters C, A, R, N, I, V & L, having just returned from a visit to the carnival in Venice. Whilst there we saw a sight that could not help but be an inspiration – a gentleman dressed as a viking, but also entirely in pink. I think this was possibly our most successful SpinTunes song so far. Doctor Lindyke said:

Tell me truthfully… you guys get up in the morning and suck down a pint of Weird just to start your day, don’t you?

whilst Denise said of this one

This was perhaps the most creative and arbitrary song of the entire round. Go. Take your place next to Raptor Jesus in the Halls of Asgard. I raise a tankard in your honor

as well as

I have no idea how you even wrote this song so I have to admire it because I just listened to it with my mouth hanging open. The melody and way of being were completely alien to me.

However, the limit imposed by the challenge meant that we had more to say about our pink viking. For a start, we needed to poke some fun at our viking-monikered friend, Odin1Eye. So Katharina wrote another set of lyrics for Odin and we changed the structure and arrangement of the song to arrive at what is really a new song with a common ancestry. See which one you prefer…

You can find the first two of the songs above on the SpinTunes albums for each round, along with a selection of songs that fit the same challenges.