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Igor’s Jigsaw

Our last song for this SpinTunes is a creepy little number inspired in part by the challenge and in part by the classic Universal Frankenstein movies, with a tongue-in-cheek nod towards Carry On Screaming. The challenge itself was to produce a song that was accompanied using only noises produced by the human body, though some form of processing was acceptable.

This time we started with the lyrics. For a song played on body parts, it seemed logical to write a song ABOUT body parts, and who knows more about body parts than Dr. Frankenstein’s sidekick, Igor? There are a couple of historic references stuck in the midst of the bad puns for those digging a little deeper.
Nodebeat HD
We recorded a whole range of body noises, sampled many of them and created a few common sounds to use. Various short slaps and pops became a rhythm section, clicking teeth formed a xylophone-type sound, a hum became the baseline and a few other recognisable sounds were used as spot effects. Katharina put the rhythm track together using NodebeatHD on the iPad to control the sampler, then I added some bass and vocals.

Here is the finished song, complete with lyrics, which can be downloaded from bandcamp: