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Every Photo Tells… Podiobook

Every Photo Tells… is joining the ranks of podiobooks.com from next week (11th August 2010). The stories there are the same ones from the EPT website, though they have been re-ordered a little so that two-part stories are all presented back-to-back, presented as ‘Book 1’. The main site will continue as before, bringing new stories inspired by photographs, but those won’t appear at Podiobooks.com until another 6 months have passed and they will become ‘Book 2’.

Appearing on podiobooks will, we hope, bring in some new listeners as well as potentially some new authors too. The podcast is taking a break for August (there will be a photo and a single story, but no guest writers) whilst we get the podiobooks version completed, then will return in September. Over this period I’ll be working hard on ‘Some Other Scotland‘, so you can expect that to return to a much more regular schedule – Episode 20 has just been launched and there is plenty more to come.