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Masters of Song Fu – "Happy People"

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My entry into the latest “Masters Of Song Fu” contest is up on their site, ready and waiting expectantly for your vote.

It’s a happy little ditty featuring uke, yobstick, synth (the old Crumar Performer string synth) and shaker. Comments on it so far include ‘dystopian joy‘, ‘sounds like toads playing tiny tin digeridoo‘ and ‘there’s something ominous here‘!

Lyrics and chords are as follows:-

Happy People

When you are happy
it makes me happy
to see you happy
to see me

When I am happy
You say it makes you happy
to see me so happy
to see you

    We're happy people
   We're happy people in a happy
World, we're happy people
Happy people in a happy
World.  We're happy people.
   We're happy people in a happy
World, we're happy people


   C                          Bb               A
Apparently my joi de vivre's getting on your wick
My natural exuberance is making you feel sick
     Your grumpy face just makes me want to laugh
Even when you're drowning me for singing in the bath

   G               A7           Bb6                    A7
So turn that frown upside down, smile, your face won't crack
I'll keep on singing happy songs 'til I receive a  smack, because...


~Verse~  (rinse and repeat)


  • Psychonaut

    Just to let you know, I’m doing a Board-related performance at “Aye Write!” literary festival, Mitchell Theatre, Glasgow, March the 8th (Sunday) at 700pm onwards FREE entry…

  • Anonymous

    I think my e-mails are going astray, I can’t seem to reach you. Not too much to report, me and Laura are planning to set up home in Glasgow (lots of reasons;tell you when I see you) I’ve finally started a we’ll see what comes of that. Before I forget, yes to any or all musical collaborations. Oh aye, Laura bought me a full-size electronic kit for my Christmas…hasn’t arrived,Typical Dundonian lassitude!I may bell you if I don’t hear from you in the next few days,

  • Mick Bordet


    Molly does come with a legion of fans – who can argue with that?

    I suspect the “tiny tin didgeridoo” is actually the Crumar string synth – it provides the standard string wash, but also has a ‘brass’ setting, which is nice and farty and on this song certainly is fairly frog-like.

    The yobstick? More info in the ‘yobstick’ item listed under “Common Topics”, about 25 items down. It has 3 main sounds, but only 1 is featured here – it’s pretty similar to a tambourine.

    Thanks for the comment and good luck to you too – we’ll need it!

  • Rusty

    Ah, everyone in the Song Fu competition is getting pwned by Molly Lewis!

    Mick, thanks for posting the lyrics. I really enjoy your song, “Happy People.”

    I don’t know how I missed the word “Drowning” the first time I listened to your song. Now that IS ominous.

    I’m very flattered that you quoted my comments. I actually worked for a bit to come up with the metaphor for the sound, “toads playing tiny tin didgeridoo.” Is that sound the yobstick? What’s a yobstick?

    Anyway, good luck in Round 2.

    Rock on,