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A good week for music…


The local band I’m doing sound engineer for are gearing up for a couple of gigs in the next month – they’ve build up a decent setlist now, and feel ready to perform in public. Should all be good fun, I hope. Final practice session next week, then the first gig after that.


Today also saw another get-together for the progressive project mentioned previously. I think it is safe to reveal we’ll be calling ourselves…

The Lunacy Board

Still a two-piece line-up so far, but we’re building towards a more cohesive vision of what we’re looking to achieve. We recorded a number of pieces this afternoon – some complete improvisations, some based on riffs or chord changes we’ve been playing around with, and swapping instruments between guitar, bass, drums, keyboard and theremin. This was the first time I’ve played the theremin within an ensemble environment, as I usually either pratice solo or with a quiet backing track, and it quickly became clear that the monitoring system I had tacked together was not going to be as useful for theremin as it had been for the other instruments. You can afford to not hear the odd note or two when playing most instruments as long as fingers are in the right place, but with the theremin this simply results in out-of-tune notes. I will need to invest in a little monitor amp for the theremin in the future…

The hope is that we can put some of these together to start to form some longer pieces, which can then be further tweaked and potentially lyrics added. We’ll be approaching our music from a couple of different angles including improvisation, music for film and music for the spoken word, which covers most of our interests at the moment.

Gear Hassles

I set out a selection of musical gear for us to use, but made the mistaken shortcut of using a previously unused recording package to record the music. For some reason the correct input to the computer was distorting, so I ended up using the microphone input, which is never a great idea. In this case it led to a pretty high level of background noise as well as our inputs being summed to mono. Not a problem for the recording stage, but it will make things awkward for the editing. A little lesson learned for the future, I think. Irrespective of this problem, I think we got some good base material recorded today, which will help to set us on our way.

Watch this space…