The Deserters

Your Place or MySpace?

Seems the place to be these days is over at Or so I’m told.

Whilst I don’t really want to end up being scattered all over the place when it comes to providing a web presence for the Deserters and my music, it also seems daft to miss out on something potentially useful. I do find it a bit cluttered in places, but if you don’t like it just stick here and ignore it… You won’t miss anything important!

So if you feel the need to live the MySpace dream, you’ll find me there too, at Don’t expect to see anything Earth-shattering that you haven’t already found on the blog or Deserters sites, but it does offer the following:-

  • The latest 4 ‘Songs of the Week’ as streamed mp3s
  • Links to other bands/musicians with similar interests/influences/etc.
  • A blog with slightly different content and some links to other interesting music