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I Suck at Singstar

SingstarI’m not a great singer. I’m not even a good singer. My voice isn’t BAD, but I really need to concentrate to stay in tune, and I don’t feel natural doing it. When I do concentrate and practice plenty, I can record a reasonable vocal for a song. Today I had a shot at the playstation game Singstar. In a nutshell, you sing into a microphone along with a well-known song and the game works out how well you stayed in tune and rhythm. Not very well at all, in my case.

The only song I did reasonably well in was ‘Every Breath You Take’, which I suspect was because I know it fairly well and it is reasonably close to my own limited vocal range. Less successful was ‘Tutti Frutti’, and I totally crashed and burned on ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’, but I was trying to sing the female part, two octaves lower than normal, so not entirely surprising.

I found I did better by ignoring the on-sceen guide, apart from the lyrics, as the notes shown are in proportion to the line being sung, so can be two words or a whole sentence; 1 bar or 4. One of those things that is probably easier to follow if you can’t read music. What is interesting, though disappointing for me, is the read-out shows how far out from the notes you are singing. I found that I was wobbling around notes much more than I realised, though once I saw that I was able to address it.

I hope to have another shot soon – I think it could actually be a reasonable tool for improving pitch awareness, and helping my own singing skills (or apparent lack of them).