Theremin Update #1

I thought I’d put a little bit of blurb up here about my progress with the theremin. After a couple of months with no progress, mainly due to not being able to find somewhere suitable for it to live, I’ve now got into a good routine of having a practice at least once a day. So far I’m now getting the hang of aerial fingering, so I’m able to do some short runs without wobbling all over the place, and getting a feel for some common intervals. I can pull off an ascending scale, but descending is a bit more tricky for some reason. And finally, I’m able to play some basic and actually recognisable tunes.

I’ve done all this just by ear so far, with my acoustic guitar close at hand for occasional assistance, so my next step is going to be to get a sound source to try and play along with some pre-recorded music. Trying to keep in tune with another instrument could well prove to be more tricky than keeping in tune with myself. We shall see (hear). Hopefully, in another couple of weeks I should be ready to put some theremin parts down onto some tracks I have set aside, albeit pretty basic ones. That’ll be the acid test.

My previous post about the clarinet has just been included on MusicThing – I’m quite honoured. Thanks Tom!