Hands Off!

I finally got the push I needed to get a theremin.

I’ve been scouting round looking for one at a reasonable price, and had come to the conclusion that it was going to cost at least £130 for one that’s actually playable rather than just a special effect. Then I discovered yesterday that Turnkey are flogging off their stock of Etherwave Pro’s at a knock-down price.

The EW Pro is built by the legendary Moog (r.i.p. Bob) Music, and is just about the best theremin money can buy, with the exception of a couple of specialist dealers or an original RCA theremin (which now cost seriously silly money). So I paid more than I had intended, but what a deal! Like going out to buy a starter guitar and finding a top-of-the-range Les Paul for an extra hundred quid.

So, the order’s gone in and been confirmed – now I just have to wait for delivery – hopefully early next week…