Owner's Share cover

A Share of the Golden Age

Owner's Share coverIf you have been following Some Other Scotland and/or Every Photo Tells… and are looking for more podcast fiction, then I can recommend Nathan Lowell’s Tales from the Golden Age of the Solar Clipper. The ‘Share’ series of stories concluded yesterday, though there will be more stories in the future set in the same universe. I have heard it described as science fiction for people who don’t like SciFi, but like the best of the genre it is focused on the characters more than the science. You won’t find space battles, weird aliens or endless technobabble, but a gentle trip through the career of a newcomer to space travel, making his way up through the ranks from the equivalent of a deck scrubber to captain and beyond.

Mr Lowell reads the stories himself and has a very relaxed and clear delivery that is easy on the ears, but if you’re not a fan of podcast fiction, the series is also being released in book format.

Thanks to Nathan for providing such a great series for free download at podiobooks.com and I look forward to future explorations in the same world. He will also be appearing in later episodes of Wiener Blut, where he plays a major character who is important in the second half of the story.