The Lunacy Board

Merry Humbug

The latest Board recording session was a bit of a mixed bag – partly due to technical problems with the monitoring of the sound and partly due to a lack of planning, perhaps. We ended up with a single recording, albeit a 20-minute, multi-instrumental one. This was a bit of an attempt to recreate some of the live experience in a studio setting by recording an extended improvisation tying together The Unofficial National Anthem and Morning Rolls in one long track. However, neither of the two songs were a patch on existing recordings, so I doubt we’ll use them. Some parts of the instrumental worked quite well, and I would reckon we could probably get it edited down into a pretty decent four or five minute piece.

I have done a bit more writing over the last few months – putting a better structure to The Parallel Curve, a song about corporate lunacy, which we first tried recording back in March this year. I’m hoping to put a new demo together for it in the next week and possibly record it at the next session. I also have some bare bones of a song started which covers some themes about power, leadership and control through the ages – a verse, a chorus and some chords exist so far, and even a little bit for the celtic flute. I’m still struggling to get Jim Crow into a finished state – it rolls along rather nicely in its new doo-wop styling, but needs another couple of verses to do the subject justice.

That’s about it for the moment – I’ve been without a studio for a couple of weeks as I’m shuffling it around a bit now that I’ve had some time to live with it and can see improvements to my original plan. I’ve also got a very cool new-but-old keyboard which I needed to make room for – more to follow on that shortly!