Donau Blues Cover
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Donau Blues CoverThe Wiener Blut experience rolls onwards and I’m pleased to announce the availability of my entry into this world, “Donau Blues”, as an eBook from Amazon UK or Amazon US for the Kindle, or from Smashwords for any other eReader.

The short story has been available previously only in podcast audio format from Every Photo Tells…, but you can now read it at your leisure on your eBook reader of choice.

If you enjoy the story, Katharina has also made her short story “The Ladder” available in the same format, as well as the whole novel of “Wiener Blut“. Have a look at the links below (click each cover) – short preview copies are available to give you a flavour of the story if you want to try before buying.

Enjoy a trip to Vienna!

The Ladder cover
Wiener Blut cover