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SpinTunes Round #1

SpinTunes LogoIt has been a while since I last undertook a musical challenge. Song Fu has passed on, but in its place has risen SpinTunes. This is a similar set of challenges to Song Fu, but with a judging panel rather than a public vote. I missed the deadline for the competition itself, but did complete a song nevertheless. Here it is:-

You can download the tune here or visit the album page where all the tracks submitted to the competition can be downloaded in a single file. All for free!


  • Mick

    Thanks Russ, your feedback is welcome!

    Yes, that is an eBow that you hear – the rest of the instrumentation is fairly standard – bass, electric guitar, piano and drums.

    I have sent the lyrics through now that you’ve reminded me, so they should appear on the Bandcamp page, but here they are as well:

    There’s a boy scout, a bat and an Amazon
    Some guy with wings on his head
    A bunch of dudes with ring fetishes
    And a Robin Hood wannabe
    They’re the team who’re supposed to be
    Keeping us safe in our bed

    But they don’t want me in
    Their super-team
    They’ve got all the powers they need
    (So they say)
    They don’t care that I can
    Move planets with a thought
    “We’ve got your number
    We might call you some day…”

    [Verse 2]
    There’s a defrosted patriot, a drunk tin man,
    A wife-beating giant-come-ant
    A thunder god with a boomerang hammer
    And a Robin Hood wannabe
    They’re the team that’s supposed to be
    Protecting when webcrawlers can’t


  • Russ Rogers (of Godz Poodlz)

    Enjoyed “They Don’t Want Me.” Nice to hear more shadows, even now. Cool instrumentation! Are you playing an eBow? Could you get Travis “Spintown” Langworthy a copy of the lyrics, so he can put them on the bandcamp page? Currently your song is the only one without lyrics there.