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Great Hites

You’ll no doubt have seen my previous posts about a couple of my short stories that have been included on the ‘Great Hites‘ podcast. There is a section for voting on the site and I’m pleased to say that my first two efforts both came in first place on the list, so I must be doing something right.

To celebrate the podcast’s first year of existence and to secure a wider audience, Jeff (top man and head of the ‘secret council of three’) has recently announced that future poll winning entries at Great Hites will be eligible for inclusion in the forthcoming Great Hites Anthology (name to be confirmed – Jeff is still looking for suggestions) . This ‘Greatest Hites’ will be available through, which has a fairly large audience. I’m delighted to say that, as the ‘winning’ story in the anniversary week, “To The Clouds” will be the first tale in the anthology. Since writing that, I have submitted another two stories, so this seems like a good time to provide a quick summary of recent writings.


I have created a page with links to all my online writings that I will update regularly. It is linked from the front page of this blog and can be found here.

Great Hites – Short Stories

GH Week 51 “Anthropomorphism”
Gregory and Friends
What can you do to squeeze the last drop of earning potential from something? Anthropomorphise it!
GH Week 52 “It has been a year, what have I done with myself?”
To The Clouds
One man’s view of the historic R34 airship crossing of the Atlantic.
GH Week 53 “My mind has been going places without me lately.”
Don’t Mind Me
The theremin is a mysterious-sounding instrument, but does it affect more than just sound waves?
GH Week 54 “A pound of flesh”
A touching tale of man’s best friend.
GH Week 55 “Robots, they are all robots!”
The Robot Band
If money was no object, what would the band be like?
GH Week 56 “Missing link primate likely to stir debate.”
A tragic loss sends Maart miles from home, but his return years later holds some surprises in store.
GH Week 57 “Running Shoes”
Running Shoes
A seemingly minor change to the law has major implications. A barefoot world.