The Deserters


Way back in the mists of time we had a concept for a video for the Deserters’ “Renaissance” period which we considered, at the time, to be a turning point for the band. The song was to be called “Reborn” and was to feature a video of the band doing various things in time to the music, but backwards – jumping off walls, dropping things, etc. All very Monkees, had it ever come to pass. Now it’s my turn…

The last 3 years of my life have been a bit of a musical desert. I’ve hardly touched an instrument, and most of my music gear has spent its time in boxes. It’s been annoying and difficult, but a necessary evil due to various things going on in my work life – i.e. the stuff that pays to keep the wolf from the door, the children fed and the electricity flowing. Well, the time in the wilderness is coming to an end – 2 months to go and I should be back to living a more normal life where I can actually spend some quality time with family instead of having to schedule them in, I can get on with some of the projects that have peaked my interest over the last 3 years and I can live the music once more.

So – what’s new?

I’m refreshing all the Deserters material that I have transferred to PC, and will finally be editing and sticking it onto CDs.

I’ve dug out my bass from storage and am getting back into the swing (I think) – starting to work on some nice new callouses. Next will come the trusty old DX7 and finally I’ll fish out the guitar.

I’m getting together with some local musos to do some jam sessions, which may or may not lead to something better – I hope to report on this next week.

I’ve also got a couple of experimental music things I want to put together – I’ll probably start this in the new year – quite a bit of programming will be involved on the ST (old faithful music computer), which I’ve not really done much of in the past.

Finally, I want to build a new Yobstick – the last one disappeared during a house-move, and I feel somehow incomplete without it. Perhaps I can encourage my yob-luthier to return to the trade!

Exciting times ahead for me – here’s hoping we all enjoy the ride!

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