• Kalimbas and Celtic
    Instruments,  Music,  Solo

    Kalimba and Celtic Flute

    The kalimba is one of the newest instruments in my collection; it’s a traditional African instrument with metal tines attached to a resonator (in this case a coconut with a wooden top) and came from the Christmas market at Wilhelminenberg.…

  • DM1 & Walnut Flute
    Instruments,  Music,  Solo

    DM1 and Walnut Flute

    Here we go with the first of ten little musical challenges over the next ten weeks, which will help me familiarise myself with some of the more obscure and under-used instruments and musical software in my collection. I picked up…

  • The Lunacy Board

    Merry Humbug

    The latest Board recording session was a bit of a mixed bag – partly due to technical problems with the monitoring of the sound and partly due to a lack of planning, perhaps. We ended up with a single recording,…