Gruelling Schedule

It has been a busy week for writing, with a new episode of ‘Some Other Scotland‘ and two new short stories. Over at Great Hites episode 59 you will find “Kelvin’s Last Message”, a tale of two UFO hunters trying to follow a pattern of sightings and ending up getting more than they bargained for.

Therapy Session

Great Hites episode 58 is ready to view and download now. My story this week is more of a short character study than previous entries have been, dealing with a single woman struggling to come to terms with bereavement despite her familiarity with helping others do so. Although it is a stand-alone story, it is

Running Shoes

There is a new episode of Great Hites with an impressive seven stories this week, all inspired by the prompt “Running Shoes”. Mine takes place in a not-too-distant future where there is a ban on footwear, a seemingly innocuous and silly law to pass, but one which has major implications. The tale provides the viewpoint

Ida the Fossil

There’s another of my short stories available to read or download and listen to over at Great Hites this week. This one sets up a tale of lost love, interplanetary travel and homecoming around the recently discovered primate fossil, claimed by many to be the ‘missing link’. Does it seem like I have a thing

The Robot Band

There’s another story from me, now ready at Great Hites. This one is musical in nature, after a fashion, and puts a bit of a spin on the question “What kind of band would you hire if money was no object?” I’ve been doing quite a lot of behind-the-scenes work on “Some Other Scotland” this


Another week – another episode of Great Hites – this one is very short, and you’ll either love it or hate it. It’s about a little dog that rescues a group of shipwreck survivors. After this, I have another couple of short stories headed towards Great Hites. I have been intending to put it aside

Elvis Lives!

Yet more podcast short fiction from the Bordet pen. This one is a very short tale for the “100 Word Stories” podcast. It was based on the prompt “Elvis drives a bus” and goes somewhere along the road of trying to explain just how that could happen. Obviously, it takes place in some other reality.

A Busy Theremin Week

Three bits of theremin-related news popped up this week: Don’t Mind Me My short fictional tale of the effects of excessive theremin-playing is now available at Great Hites for you to read or to listen to as part of the podcast. The advantage of the podcast is that, not only do you get to hear

Wearing my pen out

You’ll no doubt have seen my previous posts about a couple of my short stories that have been included on the ‘Great Hites‘ podcast. There is a section for voting on the site and I’m pleased to say that my first two efforts both came in first place on the list, so I must be