Obscurities Revisited

When I originally wrote ‘Obscurities’ it seemed logical to give it a cover that matched the album the story sprang from, but with a little hindsight, what worked for the album never really felt right as a book cover. The multiple images on the album are unrecognisable on most online ebook websites and something simpler


A few months ago the team at Podioracket launched an anthology podcast featuring writers of Podiobooks.com stories. This is the second of these collections they have produced, though this one differed from the first by showcasing stories that were spin-offs from existing podiobooks.com titles. The idea is to give people a taste of some of


The Wiener Blut experience rolls onwards and I’m pleased to announce the availability of my entry into this world, “Donau Blues”, as an eBook from Amazon UK or Amazon US for the Kindle, or from Smashwords for any other eReader. The short story has been available previously only in podcast audio format from Every Photo

More from Vienna

My micro spin-off from Wiener Blut has now appeared at 100 Word Stories. It is called ‘Kardinalschnitte’ (after the cake which goes so well with Viennese coffee) and links directly into the back-story of this week’s main Wiener Blut episode, telling a very brief story about the Meiers. There is a voting system in place

Every Photo Tells…

I am very pleased to announce the launch of a new joint venture into podcasting fiction: Every Photo Tells… Every month a photograph is posted on the website and the hosts, Katharina from the Luscious Leftovers podcast and myself, take it in turn to write and record a short story that is inspired in some

Great Hites Catch-up

Somehow I have managed not to mention a whole truckload of things in the last month. Rather than off-load them all at once, I’ll stick up a series of short posts to get back on course. First of all, since I last posted, there have been another two stories posted to Great Hites, both ‘Some

Waltzing With Werewolves

This week’s Great Hites episode includes the biggest number of stories to date, with a number of new authors joining in and existing authors pulling out all the stops to make this a really good stepping-on point if you’ve never visited the site before. The prompt for the stories was “Silver Bullets; the real reason

Take It Away!

Over at Great Hites, my story “Take It Away” has proved reasonably popular amongst the people who take the time to vote. It tells of a great pianist who returns to his old school, whereupon he sits down at the old wreck of a piano he last played in his youth. The music teacher who

The Cave and Podiobooks

My latest short story to appear at ‘Great Hites’ is called “The Cave“. It is another short spin-off from ‘Some Other Scotland’, taking us back to the events (thousands of years ago) that set in motion much of what is taking place with Harald and Razer in the story at the moment. Remember the seemingly

Dandelions Of Memory

No, it’s not a UFO or an airship – it’s the blimp flying over T in the Park, just down the road. This week’s Great Hites story is ready and waiting to be read and/or downloaded. It is called “Dandelions Of Memory” and is another ‘Some Other Scotland‘ tie-in, probably the most direct so far,