After some fine-tuning of the music from the ‘10 Weeks : 10 Sounds‘ project, I have compiled it into an album that is now ready to download from Bandcamp. The music is embedded on the right-hand side of this site, so you can listen to most of the tracks before downloading for a very reasonable


Every Photo Tells… has just been featured on an ongoing web comic strip by Thomas Reed (@trreed). Click on the image below to see it in its full glory along with plenty more from Thomas:-

A Year of Stories

This weekend we hit two milestones over at Every Photo Tells…. First of all, we published our fiftieth short story on the podcast. That’s rather impressive, considering that we would have been happy to have been publishing our twentieth by this stage and that is due to the writers who have been inspired by our

More from Vienna

My micro spin-off from Wiener Blut has now appeared at 100 Word Stories. It is called ‘Kardinalschnitte’ (after the cake which goes so well with Viennese coffee) and links directly into the back-story of this week’s main Wiener Blut episode, telling a very brief story about the Meiers. There is a voting system in place

Every Photo Tells… Podiobook

Every Photo Tells… is joining the ranks of podiobooks.com from next week (11th August 2010). The stories there are the same ones from the EPT website, though they have been re-ordered a little so that two-part stories are all presented back-to-back, presented as ‘Book 1’. The main site will continue as before, bringing new stories

Question Time

If you are interested in what goes on behind the scenes to put together an episode of ‘Some Other Scotland‘, you may like to visit two blogs that have been running interviews with podcasters over the last few months. First of all, Rich at Random Pimpage has a series called “8 Questions”, where he asks

Every Photo Tells…

I am very pleased to announce the launch of a new joint venture into podcasting fiction: Every Photo Tells… Every month a photograph is posted on the website and the hosts, Katharina from the Luscious Leftovers podcast and myself, take it in turn to write and record a short story that is inspired in some