Happy New Year. It’s been quite a while since I last waved my hands in the air to produce music, but tonight I recorded four theremin parts with varying degrees of success for “The Mandelbrot Set.” We currently have three songs started as works-in-progress, with “Skullcrusher Mountain” being the most advanced in terms of completion.

Mandelbrot Set Feedback

Mr Coulton has given some positive comments about the ‘Mandelbrot Set’ and our first effort HERE. We’re currently going through the democratic process of selecting the next song for our treatment. Why not drop in if you liked our take on “Re: Your Brains” and cast your vote.

The Mandelbrot Set – Re: Your Brains

Some time ago I mentioned I did some instrumental parts (bass and guitar) for a version of Jonathan Coulton’s song “Re: Your Brains“. It is now complete, with a final mix available to download, featuring a zombie chorus, and a reasonably eclectic mix of instruments. The Mandelbrot Set is comprised of the following: Angelastic –

Re: Your Brains

I’ve just completed a couple of tracks (bass and guitar) for internet-based Jonathan Coulton covers band ‘The Mandelbrot Set’. Cover versions are something I generally steer clear of, mainly because I have little enough time to record my own music without revisiting something that somebody else has already recorded. However, I like JC’s approach to