Lick of Paint

In preparation for finally getting this album out, I’ve given The Lunacy Board website a bit of a makeover. It’s not quite as haphazard as it once was, and should be a bit easier to find your way about. No update on finished base tracks, as I ended up working on three at once, two

The Bell Curve

Another set of backing tracks have been completed, this time for a short spoken-word piece by Sean, called “The Bell Curve“. It is a very laid-back track, starting with an atmospheric build up of synth textures which give way to a gentle string-based backing. This was the first time I’ve extensively used my ‘new’ Crumar

Dum Dum

I’m progressing well with the base tracks I’m putting together, but took a little detour tonight. Shortly after we recorded ‘The Unofficial National Anthem’, Sean wrote a song called ‘PKD dum dum‘, which had a set of pretty complex chords. Not unplayable, but certainly hard to commit to memory. I’ve been sitting on it for

Busy Busy

Collaborations It’s been a hectic month or two, mostly due to the day job, but there has been a little progress on various musical fronts. Non-Lunacy Board collaborations are ticking over very slowly. One is a duo with an electronic musician from Manchester – so far I have a handful of his pieces that I’m

Splinters 3

Anybody wishing to get their hands on the first CD appearance of The Lunacy Board, before any official release, now has the chance with Splinters 3. This is a double CD compilation of artists influenced by Roy Harper and includes everything from progressive rock extravaganzas to simple folk songs in a single package. At only

Merry Humbug

The latest Board recording session was a bit of a mixed bag – partly due to technical problems with the monitoring of the sound and partly due to a lack of planning, perhaps. We ended up with a single recording, albeit a 20-minute, multi-instrumental one. This was a bit of an attempt to recreate some

Show and Tell

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, those of you too tight to buy tickets, those too distant to travel, those too drunk to care and everybody else can now see The Lunacy Board’s performance last week from the comfort of home.

Lunacy Live

It was a night of mixed emotions, stress, compromises and arguments, but above all a night of music in various guises… It’s been a while since I last drove around Glasgow and numerous new one way streets (as well as unexpected roadworks en route) meant that I didn’t arrive as early at the Classic Grand

Live in Glasgow – next week!

The Lunacy Board’s first proper live gig is set for the 25th of October. We’ll be playing at the Classic Grand in Glasgow. Headliners are US progressive band Glass and also playing will be local acts Oswald and The Twisted Melons. Doors open at 7pm and tickets are £6. I’m really looking forward to this