Changes Afoot

I’ve been away for a week, removed from phones, TV, internet and the World in general. It’s been bliss. I took along my guitar, uke and micro-studio, but neither wrote nor recorded anything new. Just doodled. Sometimes that’s just what is needed. You may have noticed a couple of changes here. Firstly to the look

Lunacy Board Downloads

I’ve had a few queries about making the Lunacy Board albums available on iTunes or similar, which I can finally answer, having looked into a number of possibilities. iTunes is not really an option for us at the moment, though I wouldn’t rule it out forever. For the moment we’re going with a crowd called

Lyrics Galore

To give a little more insight into the Board’s songs, the lyrics from all the songs in the first two albums are now available on the website. Simply click on a song name on either the Eponymous Debut page or the Difficult Second page to be taken to a more detailed view of each song

In the midst of an album-a-day

This just about marks the halfway point of the Album-a-Day project, “Difficult Second”, and I’m pleased to say we have an album’s worth of material. It is perhaps a little rougher around the edges than our usual fare, but such are the constraints of time under these circumstances. I’m pleased to say that we’ve already


Over two years ago I mentioned a re-mix that I had completed, but no more was said. Unfortunately the album it was destined for, a special re-mix version of Ninki V’s album “We Can Fly”, is currently on-hold, so the song, called “Count the hours, Fix the Wings”, will appear on our debut album. The

The Album’s in Sight

We had a pretty long, and fairly intense, recording session today, getting drums, bass and lead vocals completed for all the remaining album tracks. Since we’ve done most of these in practices for over a year now it was not a case of learning things anew, but rather laying down the definitive takes. After a

Winning the Smile

I’ve just finished off the first of the three songs that have been worked on for the last week or so, ‘The Winning Smile’. I ended up taking out all the midi tracks and keeping everything analogue – vocals, guitar, ukulele and the Crumar Performer string section – it sounds totally different to the first