HOW many?!

Yes, it was a whole 25 years since The Deserters came into being following a showing on BBC of The Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine” that inspired four young and impressionable Scottish lads, with barely a modicum of musical experience between them, to form a rock band capable of performing music with as much fun and enthusiasm

Fire Engine Nudity

I came across this headline today, which reads like a collection of The Deserters‘ and The Lunacy Board‘s favourite songwriting topics:- – Woman Tries To Steal Fire Engine Half-Naked – The young lady, recently released from a mental hospital jumped on board whilst the firemen were on a call, but caught her before she managed

Inverbegnac Regurgitated

I’ve been doing a lot of mixing of live recordings over the last few weeks, and needed a little break, so last night I messed around a bit with a couple of video editing programs to see which would be the best for the forthcoming Lunacy Board Subcommittee live video. Here’s the result. A suitably

Going Live

This gig forms the grande finale of the theremin shindig I mentioned a while ago. I’ll be part of the ‘UK League of Thereminists’ playing a few structured improvised pieces as part of a ‘theremin orchestra’. There are a number of very good thereminists going to be attending, so well worth the money if you

Best Batch Yet

Something I’ve never come across before for some reason is Captain Beefheart’s “10 Commandments for Guitarists”. I found this at the ever-informative Music Thing, though it appears on a few sites around the web. The annotations in italics are mine. LISTEN TO THE BIRDS That’s where all the music comes from. Birds know everything about

It Was 60 Years Ago Today

Forty whole years have passed since the world first heard “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band“. A pretty good innings for a piece of pop music, ephemeral as the genre usually is. It’s not an album I even own (The White Album is the only beatles album I have on CD), but it does play

An Ancient and Distinguished Instrument

I came across a Yahoo group yesterday that I thought might be of interest (Novelty Music), and this morning heard back from founder member Paul Moore. Paul has a one-man-band and plays the ‘Zob Stick’ which, upon further investigation, turns out the be one of many names for what we know as the Yobstick. Whilst

The New Yobstick

At last, I finally got around to finishing the new yobstick. It’s quite a departure from previous efforts – lots of natural wood and more emphasis on playability instead of durability. I’ve only played it for a short time tonight, but it feels great and sounds lovely (far better than a stick with a welly

Festive Goodies

Back in the mists of time (1985) the Deserters produced a short run of magazines for those following our music at the time. They featured interviews with members of the band, articles about the music and anything else that happened to be of interest at the time. I’ve recently come across scans of them and

December Will Be Magic Again

We’ve managed to squeeze in a last Lunacy Board session before the end of the year, and I’m pleased to say that it was a bit of a blinder. Having had a few sessions now to settle into what we’re doing and where we’re going, we now have the luxury of just setting up and