Highly Socksual

Our last SpinTunes song received a much better reception from the judges, though it still resulted in some widely different scores (which is a good thing, I think). This time around we came up with a piece that sounds like it might have been a better fit, in musical terms at least, for the first

Schnipp, Schnapp!

Our new song, for SpinTunes round two, has now hit the net: I was very pleased with the reviews we received for our first round song, both from the official judges and from others who took the time to review all the songs (quite a task, especially in the early rounds, as we both know

Gag me with a spurtle

The deadline for round 1 of SpinTunes 10 has finished and we have a new song! Despite having two weekends to complete the challenge, this one was submitted at the last moment as it took us a while to come up with a concept that we were happy with. I tend to find that the

The Unexpected Guest

It’s SpinTunes time again and though I have not joined in as a competitor, I did offer up my services to the Boffo Yux Dudes, who have an ongoing tradition of carpet-bombing the last round of SpinTunes with ‘shadow’ songs (i.e. not official competitors, but meeting the requirements of the challenge). This time around I

The Avengers Song

Well, technically the Avengers and JLA song, but since the Marvel team are flavour of the moment… A couple of years ago I wrote a song for SpinTunes #1 about a superhero getting into a huff because neither the Avengers nor the JLA will have him. This is it… They Don’t Want Me (Shadow) by

Judging the Spin

As competitors in SpinTunes 4, we have the opportunity to cast a vote for the ultimate winner of the competition. In the spirit of the event, we felt it was only fair to provide some feedback to the artists in the form of reviews, as those we received as competitors were very welcome and gave

Igor’s Jigsaw

Our last song for this SpinTunes is a creepy little number inspired in part by the challenge and in part by the classic Universal Frankenstein movies, with a tongue-in-cheek nod towards Carry On Screaming. The challenge itself was to produce a song that was accompanied using only noises produced by the human body, though some

Pink Vikings

We already have another three Drei Viertel Drei songs in the can. The second SpinTunes challenge was to write a love song in the form of a valentine’s day card some OTHER than your significant other. Katharina wrote the lyrics and melody to this one, so it seemed only right that she should sing it