Mr. Gone

RIP Joe Zawinul The legendary jazz keyboard player passed away earlier today. I first came across his work with Weather Report back in 1987 in a TV concert presumably broadcast following the death of bassist Jaco Pastorius, was immediately transfixed and bought “Black Market” the next day. Although I have only a handful of his

Neo-prog overload

It does get its fair share of bad press, but neo-prog was a part of the early years of my musical development – mainly because the other bands I liked at that time in the mid 80’s (Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, Rush and Yes mostly) were split up and/or in hibernation. If I wanted to

Tartan Heart (Belladrum) Festival

It has been a number of years since I last went to a music festival to experience the delights of multiple bands, dodgy catering and never-ending queues for toilets. My first such event was the Cropredy festival in 1987 which featured Jethro Tull, Fairport Convention and John Martyn amongst others, ran like clockwork and had

Now It Can Be Told

Just back from a fortnight’s holiday on the emerald isle, refreshed and renewed, to discover the passing of another great. Kurt Vonnegut RIP Of the small group of writers I would categorise as my ‘favourites’, Kurt Vonnegut has always felt like the one whose writings were closest to my own feelings and thoughts. He has

Scots, Sports and Raw Spirit

Hold onto your hats – this is a long one… Tourist Tat I’ve followed two generations of family working in various parts of the Scottish tourist industry and have therefore been thoroughly steeped for years in views of garish tartans, shortbread of various shapes, endless piper dolls, Nessies, clan memorabilia and spurtles (damn, but I

Flux Sake

I’ve had a fairly hectic few weeks between various gigs, changing jobs and increasing family taxi services. Another two live sound gigs – one very cool show in a barn as part of a party/barbequeue/dance/shindig event, and another more local gig which was almost a sell-out. We’ve also almost sold out a gig in December,

Whistlin’ Dixie

I’ve had more than my fair share of hillbilly / redneck experiences in this last week – must be something in the air. Jerry Springer – The Opera At the start of the week we treated ourselves to a night at the opera; ‘Jerry Springer – The Opera’, to be precise. It’s had quite a

Ivor Cutler – RIP

I’ve just learned that Ivor Cutler passed away last Friday. Quite disgusted that there was no mention of it on the news (even the local Scottish news) – unless I blinked and missed it. He was a true original, and has left behind a legacy of wonderful work. It is a great pity that he